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2016-11-17 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Painting cedar over spray paint:

Hey Sarah, that's a loaded're always at the mercy of the first layer of any finish, and if that layer is failing, or of dubious condition, then what you coat over that will not adhere well

2016-11-06 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Cedar chest / lock box:

Hi Marie,    You need to use an adhesive that will bond metal to wood, and there are a few options - epoxy or Gorilla glue would be good choices.  Wood glue will not work at all.     Epoxy would be a good

2016-11-02 Woodworking - strengthening and hardening wood:

Hey Casey, sorry to hear about your injury...but soaking a piece of wood in Salt water and letting it dry will have no effect on a piece of wood's density or hardness.It's way more important to pick a

2016-10-31 Woodworking - Pickled oak cabinets that have been painted:

Hey Pam!...your thought process is correct, and I can not answer these questions for you until you see what you've got when you get the finish off. If they're Oak, and you can get the finish off completely

2016-10-25 Woodworking - nu-lustre 55 finish:

Sounds like reticulation....probably caused by the oil stain ...many of those epoxies do not play well with other people's stains...especially if it wasn't fully dry...even if it was it may not be compatible


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