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2017-01-24 Woodworking - Scroll saw stuck:

What could you be doing wrong?...I don't think it's anything you're doing wrong, but I am unfamiliar with that machine. Are they direct drive?..Do they use a belt? there any lubrication or grease points?

2017-01-24 Woodworking - Scroll saw stuck:

Hey Robert...what material were you cutting...and for what length of time??.(10 minutes, 2 hours, half a day, etc), and were you using an extension cord? In my experience, these saws are "hobby" grade

2016-12-28 Woodworking - Desk/Workbench:

Glad to try to help...Google "torsion box construction" and you'll get it.....I like to use Waterlox on my benches. It's a modified Tung oil finish that never chips, flakes.....and can be re-applied down

2016-12-24 Woodworking - Desk/Workbench:

Hey Walt...budget has something to do with the choice, but I like to make bench tops from good 3/4" Birch Plywood..a single layer, properly fastened down, with solid Maple edging is strong, two layers

2016-12-11 Cabinets, Furniture, Woodworks - Empress Splendor Tree:

Hey Lorne, sorry for the late reply...If I'm correct, this tree is a variety of the Paulownia, genetically modified to grow quickly. I have no experience with it, so I really can't comment with any intelligence


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