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2016-11-30 Writing Books - Is this a book idea or not...:

Dear Lance:    I've thought long and hard about this set of questions before I sat down to respond.     First, the unifying element (not theory) that ties all those things together is simply that in one

2016-11-27 Writing Plays/Screenwriting - adaptation from a novel:

Hi Chuck,    I can steer you in the right direction. That is not an issue. The issue in this situation is that a 1970 successful novel will certainly have been browsed by the wolves in Hollywood. It may

2016-11-17 Etymology (Meaning of Words) - Humans are political:

   Hello         I hope that you're having a fine weekend.         Of course I can't know exactly what Aristotle had in mind but I certainly can speculate.  I believe he meant that all of us, like politicians

2016-11-13 Getting Published or E-published - Getting a fiction book published:

Dear Abhimanyu,    For general information about the publishing process, see my online guide at     While conventional publishers do not charge, they do have

2016-10-03 Careers: Writing - Writing Websites and Magazines?:

Hi Miss Wilson,    Many thanks for your question. If you visit this website:    There is a great deal of information that will not only help you to find paid freelance


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