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2016-10-03 Careers: Writing - Writing Websites and Magazines?:

Hi Miss Wilson,    Many thanks for your question. If you visit this website:    There is a great deal of information that will not only help you to find paid freelance

2016-10-02 Writing Books - writing layout:

Hi Liz,      Congratulations on writing your book!    As far as the page layout, if you're creating a draft of your manuscript - Times New Roman 12 pitch is an often used font. For margins, 1 inch at the

2016-10-02 Writing Books - general writing layout:

Congratulations, Liz, on starting the process correctly by creating the book in standard manuscript format.     Standard manuscript format calls twelve-point type, usually Times New Roman or Courier New

2016-09-27 Careers: Arts - research for suitable musical dramatic school:

 Hi Ahmed,    In my last message I told you that your questions are beyond my range of expertise, and I gave you a link to the experts who specialize in educational grants.    I can't do anything more

2016-09-26 Careers: Arts - which kind of arts I love ?:

Hello again,    Like I said in my first message, I'm not an educator, so your question is a little out of my field of expertise. You'd get more in the way of facts and answers if you were to contact a


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