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2016-12-02 Softball - Senior slow pitch softball - ASA rules:

Hi John,    ASA they must be totally in the box 7-3-a and we direct them under 7-3-c and call strikes until they do. We hold up the pitcher until they are legal.  Ask your friend what rule they use to

2016-12-02 Weightlifting & Exercise - Nausea:

Hi James,    I would guess that your doctor has way more information on the subject here than I do, and I am not a physician, so I would have to side with him/her at this point. If you are riding your

2016-11-22 Pool/Billiards - Handicapping:

Hi James,    Many ways to accomplish this, but depends on who is playing and what their level is.    If all are APA players, then that would be the easiest.  If not, I might suggest ranking the players

2016-11-12 Fishing - Metal Action Rod, by Orchard Industries:

Mike    Orchard Industries out of Detroit & Hastings Michigan, they started making rods in 1946s. The ads really start showing up in 1949 thru 1952. They also made a few fishing lures, one of them called

2016-11-11 Weightlifting & Exercise - Stuck:

Andrea,  I have my clients take a different approach to food.  Instead of counting calories I recommend you look into the quality of the food you are eating. By that I mean shift to a steady food intake


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