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2016-09-21 Quad Roller Skating - Quad Skates for Beginners:

I really would suggest you buy in a skating rink as you will have help that a chain store does not offer.  The brands you mentioned, are very well known and would be the best.  Chicago skates are ok but

2016-09-13 Softball - Timing Play:

Hi Wayne,    You are absolutely correct, this is a timing play and NOT a force.  As long as R1 scores before the live ball appeal of R2 the run scores.  This is a very basic rule and a common softball

2016-09-06 Surfing & Windsurfing - Kerma Mach 3:

Hey Brian,    Finding a manual would be like winning the lottery. The best I can do for you is direct you to some very detailed explainations I have written on rigging. At the main page of AllExperts,

2016-09-06 Surfing & Windsurfing - Kerma Mach 3:

Hey Brian,    There will be very little if any info to be found on those old Kerma boards. They were only in production a few years and are very obsolete. A few parts may be replaceable but it really depends

2016-09-04 Surfing & Windsurfing - F2 Strato fin screw/slider issue installation:

Hey Jamie,    Looking at your picture it all looks like the correct parts. You have to slide the end of the fin with the pins in first and slide it towards the tail. Remove the fin screw from the nut.


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