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2017-02-16 Fishing - mohawk fishing rod:

Dan    Steel rods were the low cost, high volume rods sold before fiberglass was developed. Mohawk is a line of tackle sold by Horrocks Ibbotson, NY. I am wondering if there is a mix of parts to explain

2017-02-14 Fishing - old fishing pole:

Hi    this looks like an early rod from the 1920s, since its missing eyes, it would need a restoration. I would expect to sell in the $100-150 range.    I recommend you get a second opinion at this site:

2017-02-13 Jogging & Running - Asphalt or Concrete surface should it matter to Runners?:

Richard,    You're very correct. There is not enough difference to matter. However, we don't have hard data on this. The best we have is kinematic studies like this one.

2017-02-13 Weightlifting & Exercise - Hip:

Hi James,    There are plenty of trainers that would agree with you that these machines are something you may want to miss, here is an article about just that.

2017-02-10 Weightlifting & Exercise - Resistance & Sanitation.:

Hi James,      Any amount of weight will "improve" the workout up to an amount of weight that will injure you and which ise what you should do your best to avoid.It is always better to error on the side


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