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2016-08-19 Meditation - Aloneness:

Hi, James.    The issue of feeling alone is an important one, isn't it? And when you say "feel as accompanied as if everyone was here" I think you must have experienced this at some times or you wouldn't

2016-08-18 Meditation - Meditation:

James, Thank you for your question.    Most people practice meditation using methods that do not work. This is why for most people meditation seems difficult, full of obstacles.    You practiced innocently

2016-07-30 Meditation - Meditation:

Dear Anonymous,    I have no ability to edit the questions or the answers here at AllExperts. I am given a text box in which I can type my answer to you, and then the text I have typed is emailed to you

2016-07-30 Meditation - Meditation:

Tynan, Thank you for your question.    I don't recommend emptying the mind, focusing on chest or third eye, counting, keeping the mind from wandering, surrounding yourself with light of any particular


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