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2017-03-19 Yoga & Tai Chi - Help:

You may take help of your sister and get treatment for that.    Regarding yoga you have to consult a yoga teacher in person.    Or you may contact me with more details through my site.

2017-03-18 Yoga & Tai Chi - Help:

Hello Aishwarya    Please do not generalise based on what you read on the net. You need to visit an ayurvedic doctor for proper analysis and treatment if required.    Otherwise meet an experienced yoga

2017-01-27 Meditation - Health:

James,    I'm not overly concerned about consciousness. I used to feel that's what I was - my consciousness - and I didn't want it to end.    But through careful observation and still listening it has

2017-01-26 Meditation - Health:

Hi, James.    To me meditation - taking quiet time to be in touch - by definition is an increase of sensitivity. But sensitivity certainly isn't a magic bullet!     I can understand your concern about


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