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2017-02-16 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Query re statute:

Geoffrey,       The statute of limitations in Texas for misdemeanors is two years. For felonies it's 3 years, however, a good number of felonies have extended statute of limitations of 5, 7, and 10 years

2017-01-24 Careers: Police - police:

Jocelyn, I am hopeful that you are removed from your brother's activities...that is, that you will be able to demonstrate that your brother's activities were far removed from your activities. If you really

2017-01-16 Careers: Police - Donation/Author:

It depends on how involved the question is and the experience of the author.  If the author is very naive and not familiar with police procedures at all and I have to rewrite the scenario for them then

2017-01-06 Private Investigations and Personal Security - GETTING DETAILED INFORMATION:

Plate and DL information in the state of NY is not public information.   It is public and easily obtainable other states such as FL for example. It varies from state to state.      Your problem is not

2016-12-12 Careers: Police - Police:

Alberto,    I don't believe the tickets would be an issue, unless your behavior demonstrates a pattern of recklessness.  A car accident is not an automatic rejection.  If the accident involved driving


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