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2016-12-05 Careers: Police - Homicide Detective Question:

Austin, you  have asked a very significant question. And it has to do with who should and should not seek this kind of work. The details of a homicide, of course, can be quite disturbing. The details,

2016-12-02 Careers: Police - Experimental Drug Usage:

Your description of the two substance related instances, in my judgment, appear to be, what is usually referred to as, "experimentation."   As long as you have not used any illicit substances since that

2016-11-25 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - search and seized:

Tudy,    The search of a motor vehicle on the public highway is one of the exceptions to the search warrant requirement.  Apparently another agency informed CHP that you had drugs in the car so that added

2016-11-04 Careers: Police - Background check:

Hello:    Draft a letter that is typed neatly, check spelling and ensure appropriate grammar). Include the name of the school, date of contact, who you spoke with and school records telephone number.

2016-10-29 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - research:

James,       When responding to something like a domestic disturbance there are always at least two officers assigned to the call. We would always park a little ways away and walk up on foot to the house


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