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2016-09-15 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Eligibility to serve as president:

You are correct.  There is no prohibition on a person serving as Vice President after having served two terms as President, nor of that person assuming the Presidency should the President die or resign

2016-08-07 U.S. Politics - Hillary:

Hi Jim,    I would encourage you to disregard accusations that Hillary Clinton conspired to kill anyone. Presumably the particular theory you're referencing was about her close friend Vince Foster. The

2016-08-07 U.S. Politics - Hillary:

Hi Jim,    I'll be glad to help with your question.     Here are some of the common criticisms of Hillary Clinton:    1) That she presents herself as a feminist, and yet tolerates the repeated marital

2016-08-06 U.S. Politics - Hillary:

James,    Thank you for contacting me with your question.  What exactly are her faults, you ask?  I know it can be tedious but the best way for me to answer you is to direct you to some articles and websites

2016-07-28 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Congressional districts:

By law, members of the House of Representatives are elected from single-member districts. Thus the number of districts is equal to the number of representatives automatically.    The Constitution would


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