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2017-02-18 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Gun control:

Hello,    The action taken by the Senate was not a bill.  It was a joint resolution.  Under the Congressional Review Act, if both houses pass a resolution nullifying a federal regulation and the President

2017-02-09 U.S. Politics - Us President Election:

Santhosh,    Yes, they can.  However it is the responsibility of each Electoral College member to represent his or her State and the collective voters.  The Electoral College process was actually put in

2017-02-06 U.S. Politics - Immigration reform bill:

Dear Santhosh,    Currently there is no Bill being considered for a vote that was authored by the President himself.  However, President Trump did sign an Executive Order temporarily restricting individuals

2017-01-25 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - President history:

Hi Kristine,    No, there are several former Presidents with immigrant parents.    Thomas Jefferson's mother was born in England.  Both of Andrew Jackson's parents were born in Ireland. James Buchanan

2017-01-19 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Inauguration:

There are no requirements for outgoing Presidents.  A few of them early in our history skipped inaugurations of their successors.  Almost all outgoing Presidents though attend the inauguration of their


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