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2017-01-18 U.S. Politics - Hack:

The info was about Clinton campaign practices and internal workings and revealed nothing particularly damaging, only somewhat embarrassing. But nothing remarkable. Presumably the Russians would not have

2017-01-18 U.S. Politics - Hack:

Hi James,    US intelligence agencies have determined that Russian operatives hacked into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and into the email of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Emails from

2017-01-18 Participating in the Political Process - Russia:

Yeah, it was pretty clear -- see the MSNBC story at, or the Wikipedia article at

2017-01-17 Participating in the Political Process - Russia:

Dear Joyce,    Well, no, I can't tell you, because the intelligence agencies are not disclosing said evidence. That's not surprising -- they never do disclose evidence, as doing so would reveal how they

2016-12-14 Participating in the Political Process - a bit of follow-up:

Hello again, David!    First -- and I hope this will be reassuring to you -- the Electors are nominated by each party in each state where that party is running. To take my own state, Massachusetts, there


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