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2017-03-23 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Health care:

There no set deadline and House can leave pending as long as they want.  Its also not unusual that this happened its common event in House. Speaker determines when there a vote. If there not enough votes

2017-03-23 Supreme Court Cases - Precedent:

Hi,  Its not new and general precedent is basis of case law.  Here how precedent works.    Courts always used legal precedent in their ruling.

2017-03-23 U.S. Politics - Re: Issue network:

Siddharth,    Issue Networks are an alliance of various interest groups and individuals who unite in order to promote a common cause or agenda in a way that influences government policy. In the U.S, the

2017-03-23 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Re: Iron triangle:

Essentially, yes you have it right, Agencies have incentive to curry favor with interest groups through favorable regulations so that the interest groups will support the agency before Congress.  Interest

2017-03-23 U.S. Politics - Re: Questions:

Hi Sid,     1. Yes everything you said about this point is accurate.     2. The preferred position doctrine means that, in deciding court cases, certain Constitutional rights can be considered more important


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