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2017-03-12 Travel Safety - Handicap travel:

Janice,  As I am sure you are finding, there is neither an easy or inexpensive solution to this challenge. The easiest way for her to travel will be with a companion of some sort. Either a family member

2017-02-09 Travel Safety - Handicap travel:

Janice,  Your question from February about your mothers travel ability is not an easy 'do this' kind of question. There may be need to involve her Doctor(s) in this process. So, I will reply with a few

2017-01-09 Air Travel - international seat upgrades:

Dear Theo,  If you are entitled to an upgrade, your miles will do the work for you.  The higher the tier, the bigger the chance to be on the upgrading waitlist, if the flight becomes full or overbooked

2016-12-31 Aviation/Flying - international flight plan:

Steve,    Happy New Year!   In aviation a flight plan is a flight plan.  The difference is which regulatory agencies need to approve the departure, over flight and arrival of the aircraft.  So when the


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