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2017-02-26 Birds--General - bird identification and whether it is still a baby:

It is an immature goldlfinch but not a baby, Best thing to do is contact your nearest wildlife rehab center or wildlife official. It is VERY difficult to raise a baby or injured bird unless you have experience

2017-02-19 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog shaking his head:

Having slightly itchy ears is one of the early warning signs that his energy balance (vital force, Chi, Pranna) is out of balance (see end of response). If it is suppressed with drugs or incorrect treatment

2017-02-12 Ask the Veterinarian - cat had pyometra:

It is uncommon in cats, but so is pyometra.   If your vet knows the problem then they are best at treating it.     The problem is that there are not many medications that are safe for cats to fix this

2017-02-07 Ask the Veterinarian - Birth disabilities in Pets.:

Yes, there can. Nutrition and breeding are the main causes.    Bad nutrition, badly selected parents of the litters and of course if the mother is given drugs that can cause birth defects during pregnancy

2017-02-05 Ask the Veterinarian - grain free dog food and more stool:

The bad news - there is no one right diet for any dog, cat or person.   The good news - just as for a person the best diet for dogs is a variety of fresh food, hopefully from a local farmer or farmer's


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