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2017-03-17 Ask the Veterinarian - Pain Relief for Cat With Cancer:

Please send me the name of your homeopathic veterinarian so I can use for others. And email me the results of working with your homeopathic vet as I will write books about successes. HealthyAnimals@aol

2017-03-17 Ask the Veterinarian - Yeasty Min Pin:

Apologies for the delayed response - I missed the notice.     You are experiencing the tragedy of conventional symptomatic approaches - as one thing resolves, something else appears. To answer your questions

2017-03-15 Ask the Veterinarian - Garlic:

Thank you for looking for alternatives to the potentially harmful chemicals for fleas. I know you live in Florida, so they are an issue.   There is much debate in the veterinary world about the safety

2017-03-14 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat biting & chewing his tail:

yes, I do have many suggestions for you. When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I would often be very frustrated by cats who did this (it was not uncommon) as I considered it untreatable

2017-03-13 Ask the Veterinarian - Reasons for dry gums in dogs:

It doesn't sound like anything abnormal. Dogs gums aren't slimy wet 100% of the time.   They often open-mouth breathe and that will make their gums seem dry.    Since you've checked all the important basic


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