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2017-01-20 Ask the Veterinarian - Micro liver shunt:

Sorry for the delay. I have been researching for the best person to help you with the diet. I also want to cover other approaches your dog may really benefit from. I have seen liver shunt dogs live 5-10

2017-01-18 Ask the Veterinarian - Stomach in dogs:

    I am so glad you wrote to me, a holistically trained veterinarian as I can definitely help you resolve the diarrhea permanently. When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I could only offer

2017-01-18 Ask the Veterinarian - Insect:

I'm sorry but that's incorrect. Purina, along with dozens of other pet food manufacturers, are in the business of marketing, not making high quality food for your pets.     Ever wonder why there has been

2017-01-15 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat urinating on furniture:

HiJared,  I know how extremely frustrating this can be, having been through it myself.   However, since you mentioned that she has a clean bill of health, which is great, then we can conclude that this

2017-01-14 Ask the Veterinarian - Insect:

Hi Joyce,    Yes there is a HUGE difference between insecticides made by Veterinary companies and let's say Hartz or other pet store/grocery store flea products.     First of all, the insecticides being


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