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2017-02-13 Weightlifting & Exercise - Hip:

Hi James,    There are plenty of trainers that would agree with you that these machines are something you may want to miss, here is an article about just that.

2017-02-10 Weightlifting & Exercise - Resistance & Sanitation.:

Hi James,      Any amount of weight will "improve" the workout up to an amount of weight that will injure you and which ise what you should do your best to avoid.It is always better to error on the side

2017-02-07 Weightlifting & Exercise - Protein:

Hi James,    180 lbs is about 82 Kg and the article says about 1.4 to 2.0 per kg. using the lower 1.4 you would need about 115 grams of protein per day.    You can get that anytime during the day, it seems

2017-02-06 Weightlifting & Exercise - Protein:

Hi James,    There are lots of protein supplements and Meal replacement powders and drinks that contain considerable amounts of protein, and you can add more if needed by making your own shakes using the

2017-02-02 Weightlifting & Exercise - Muscles:

Hi James,    Sorry this took so long. I actually answered it before but for some reason it did not go through.    Don't know that there is any sort of chart as you mention, however it is not really needed


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