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2017-03-22 Photography - question:

Patty    You need to get some photo editing software and learn how to resize images. Picasa and Gimp are free programs and of course there is Photoshop Elements. Each lets you change the pixel dimensions

2017-03-22 Photography - MB DPI:

Certain point and shoots do have different resolutions, so I assume you're asking after the fact. If you're using Photoshop to edit, there is a way to bump up the dpi.  It does escape me now.  Go onto

2017-03-22 Photography - MB DPI:

Normally a 3-5 mb image is already 300 dpi.  75 dpi is normally the size of an internet photo.  You could change the setting on your camera to a higher res.  Most DSLRs have a setting for that change so

2017-03-21 Photography - MB, DPI, Pixels:

Hi Patty,    Those contest requirements are a little silly.     I'll try and explain what DPI and resolution mean and I'll offer a couple of suggestions about what you can possibly do to conform to those

2017-03-18 Photography - filming:

Cheryl:  I am truly sorry but I have not experience with the L480 camera. I assume though that the instruction book with the camera would be able to tell you how to make the camera run on video. If not


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