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2017-04-21 Thermodynamics - Fire extinguishers for Elevators.:

Hi Prashant,    Elevators and lifts are confined or semi-confined spaces and as such are made of fire-proof materials.  They are useless in macine rooms as these tend to be unoccupied usually they are

2017-04-17 Thermodynamics - Thermos flask construction.:

Hi Prashant,    1. Yes. The lower the surface area/volume ratio the lower the heat loss rate. Hence spherical Dewar flasks are used for larger volumes.    2. Yes. The most popular method is to tape a thermocouple

2017-04-17 Thermodynamics - New fuels for automobiles.:

Hi Prashant,    I do not think so. As I said, electricty is going to be the driving power for cars.  Hydrogen has not taken off as was expected. Other combustible gases are more or less CNG. Researching

2017-04-16 Thermodynamics - New fuels for automobiles.:

Hi Prashant,    Biofuels are not new. Bio-diesel and bio-alcohol have been used for years in cars, buses, trucks etc. Even Indy race cars use alcohol.  The move is toward electric cars, this will make

2017-03-29 Thermodynamics - Detecting Poisonous Solids and Liquids.:

Hi Prashant,    I do not really understand your question.  Stuff we eat and drink is by definition free of dangerous chemicals/biological agents.  If these foods and drinks are properly stored and prepared


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