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2016-09-17 Thermodynamics - Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    Matter is defined as having mass and occupying space. These are NOT the only properties of mass.  There are a lage number of other properties of matter, interaction with light, electrical

2016-08-30 Thermodynamics - Checking Temperature in Snow.:

Hi Prashant,    We normally require to measure the air temperature. This cannot be done accurately in snow, rain, hail, mist, high winds etc. This is because chilling and evaporative effects distort the

2016-08-22 Thermodynamics - Red phosphorus in matches production.:

Hi Prashant,    In a word. No.    There are many other mixtures that can be ignited by friction(cf thermite etc.) but few are as good or safe as the safety match. I understand that match prduction has

2016-08-13 Thermodynamics - Hydrocarbons as Automobile fuels.:

Hi Prashant,    Any and every liquid or gas that can be burnt by ignition or compression (diesel action) has been used to fuel engins.   Alcohol  is used in drag racing.  Parafin in aircraft.  LPG (propane/butane)

2016-08-12 Thermodynamics - Source of Electrons Supply in electrolysis:

Hi Muhammad,    The ions exist as soon as the chlorine  reacts with the sodium to form sodium chloride.  In the crystaline salt they exist as Na+ and Cl- ions.   They exist in solution as these ions also


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