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Parenting of K-6 Children

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2017-02-17 Parenting K-6 Kids - 5 year old trouble:

Hello Erin,    Since your daughter is so smart and articulate, I'm wondering if she has communicated to you after she's done something wrong (maybe the next day) that she realizes it was wrong. If she

2017-02-14 Gifted Children - Understanding CogAT ability profile:

Reena    What a lucky girl your DD is to have such a caring and insightful parent!    The CogAT is a useful tool to help identify children's abilities across certain domains. As you noticed, this test

2017-02-08 Parenting K-6 Kids - how to deal with shy child:

Dima;    Shyness, or introversion, if it does not prevent a person from engaging in desired activities, is a useful character trait. Studies have shown introverts have longer, stronger marriages, fewer

2017-02-08 Parenting K-6 Kids - Shy Daughter:

Hello Dima,    First, let me just tell you, some kids are just shy. That's their personality. So, you may not be able to change that about her, but being able to ask questions and speak in front of others

2017-02-08 Gifted Children - Telling a child he is gifted?:

So glad to know we have connected in a way to support your sweet child's learning, growth, and development. At our nonprofit, Orchard Human Services, we provide simple solutions to help schools and parents


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