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Parenting of K-6 Children

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2016-08-26 Parenting K-6 Kids - Advice about a son.:

Hi Wend,   Thank you so much for writing. I fully understand I have to sons, grown now,but oh,the memories:)  I also understand your sons feeling. Again thank you for writing....I think I can help. "Are

2016-07-26 Parenting K-6 Kids - Troubled 6 year old:

Hi Shirley,  Based on what you've described, I'm not surprised by your great-grandson's behavior. Nor that it's getting worse even though he's in a more stable home (behavior often gets worse before it

2016-07-12 Gifted Children - Gifted children:

You are not failing your child by not pushing her academically. Gifted children are more often pushed too much academically, when they need more encouragement with emotional development. There are always

2016-06-28 Parenting K-6 Kids - Lying:

Julie;    Lying is one of several "survival" skills all humans use in daily life. In general, the strategy is used to protect or preserve self-esteem, defend against real or perceived threats from others


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