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Parenting of K-6 Children

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2017-03-22 Parenting K-6 Kids - Prek Bad Behavior:

Samantha;    Sudden changes in behavior in a young child, especially when anger is the predominant emotion, can be caused by a trauma or a series of traumas. Such traumas can range from bullying to molestation

2017-03-21 Gifted Children - don't know what i do with my son:

       Yes, it's ok, as long as he is enjoying the writing and reading. He's a little too young to require it of him.    Here is an article about discipline. One of the very best, most important things

2017-03-07 Gifted Children - don't know what i do with my son:

Your English is fine, your message is not too long. You are doing the right thing when you write to me. I want to do some checking around for the best teaching material for your son. Do you want to teach

2017-03-04 Gifted Children - Possible eidetic memory?:

 Child Dev. 1976 Dec;47(4):1207-10.    The incidence of eidetic imagery as a function of age.    Giray EF, Altkin WM, Vaught GM, Roodin PA.    Abstract    Many theorists suggest that eidetic imagery is

2017-03-01 Parenting K-6 Kids - Sibling Bullying:

Dear Aimee,    Thank you for your patience. Since this has been going on for several years.Your older son has grown to be comfortable with this behavior. It is going to be a small challenge to change the


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