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2016-11-26 Knitting - Deciphering knitting terminology:

Sorry I didn't answer sooner.      K0 does mean knit zero and p0 does mean purl zero.    The smallest size would read :   cast on 75 stitches.  *k3, p3* repeat * to * to last 3 stitches.  k3.    row 2:

2016-11-12 Knitting - Needle size:

Somewhere in your pattern it should say how many stitches make an inch.  This is called gauge. You need to use the needle size that will give you this.    I would use a #4 needle, cast on a few, maybe

2016-11-04 Knitting - Knitting pattern increase for sleeve:

The instructions you give will not increase or decrease.    Row 1 - K1 * (K2 tog) twice takes out 2 stitches but then (fwd,k1) 4 times puts in 4 stitches and the (k2tog) twice takes out 2 stitches   so

2016-09-27 Knitting - deciphering a knitting pattern:

Pick up and knit 10 stitches evenly along right side of neck.  pick up 14 stitches from the 12 cast-off stitches at top of right sleeve  pick up 23 stitches from the 20 cast-off stitches at back of neck

2016-09-25 Knitting - armhole shaping:

starting with 126 stitches:    Row 1 decrease 1 stitch each end = 124  row 2 decrease 1 stitch each end = 122  row 3 decrease 1 stitch each end = 120  row 4 decrease 1 stitch each end = 118  row 5 decrease


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