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2017-01-15 Alternative Medicine - glaucoma:

This is a complicated answer in several parts, so please hang in there with me, ok?    First, Glaucoma is a western medicine diagnosis. Mainstream medicine is called allopathy because it takes a "use this

2017-01-06 Alternative Medicine - conceiving:

Hi Kimberly,    I grew up in Missouri.  Their can be several reasons you are not pregnant yet.  Do you know for sure you are ovulating? Their are test kits you can get I believe at WalGreens to confirm

2016-12-30 Alternative Medicine - Trying to help a friend in need:

Hello Allan!    First, I would like to commend you for being open minded enough to try to help a friend in ways other than what is considered the "normal" medical / psychiatric approach.  You deserve a

2016-12-30 Alternative Medicine - Trying to help a friend in need:

Dear, Steve!    I consider you are very kind person who wants to help other people. Homeless behavior is the odd behavior; therefore, you are right. The guy needs the psychiatric or psychology evaluation

2016-12-05 Alternative Medicine - Yoga for hypertension:

Hi Mohan,  Do Suksham Vyayam. After that do deep breathing Pranayams such as Bhastrika, Anulome-vilome and Bhramari. Then do Yoga-nidra for at least 10 minutes. Do all these empty stomach early in the


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