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2017-03-19 Alternative Medicine - Possible Thyroid Nodule:

Hi Dee,  The supplements would not help. On the contrary, kelp could make things worse. Kelp contains iodine which fools the mechanism in the body that regulates the thyroid function. An over active or

2017-03-02 Pain Management - back pain exercise:

Hi, Ben,    As asked if there's another home exercise that's better than sit-ups.    Yes.    here: (may need to copy and paste)    Also, you may stop doing

2017-03-01 Choosing Alternative Therapies - Chronic sinusitis or Cyrtociccal infection?:

Hello, deb,    I can't advise you medically, but I can tell you what I would do in a case like that. I would take milk thistle for my liver. I would try to eliminate any toxins from my environment: household

2017-02-16 Alternative Medicine - ALT levels:

Dear, Steve!    If the person does not use alcohol, the high level of the blood liver enzymes typically shows Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It is a part of the metabolic syndrome. It means that you

2017-02-16 Alternative Medicine - Low Testosterone:

Dear, Steve!    It seems to me you have the overweight issue and it may point on metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) and low thyroid.  Your doctor can perform the thyroid panel test and you can verify


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