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2017-03-18 Japan - Japan questions:

Hi Geoffrey,  In answer to your questions:  1)The truth is that few Japanese can speak English with ease. In school the goal is rote memorization and passing tests, not learning to communicate. But that

2017-03-05 Japan - Nikko and Lake Chuzenji:

Hi,    Honestly, Nikko is a place to spend a full day there - not just a few hours. It will take you close to 2 hours to make it up there and 2 more to return. If your time is limited, you might choose

2017-01-31 Philippines - Rso travel:

Mabuhay! The stories you have heard nearly always applies to single men entering the Philippines, I really doubt that if you all three fly together as a family and carry proof of your husband's former

2017-01-18 Philippines - Mail order vitamins and medicine to Phill:

Hi Tim, I'm not an expert on this question but hundreds of over 40 to 50 to 70 y.o. foreign expats pass through our Townhouse Hotel Manila and several of our long term yearly guests at Casa Camilla Boracay


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