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2017-03-23 Algebra - Solution to an equation:

The only integer solutions are a=1,b=1 and a=0, b=0.    Here is why    ab=1/2 (a+b)    2ab=a+b    2ab-b = a    b(2a-1) = a    b = a/(2a-1)      This shows that there are infinitely many solutions if we

2017-03-22 Geometry - Decimal Number Indices:

Hi Prashant,    Yes.  When the power is expressible as a fraction p/r, then x^(p/r) equals the rth root of x^p.  When the power is a non-repeating decimal and cannot be expressed as a fraction, we can

2017-03-12 Geometry - Simple Harmonic Motion:

Hi Prashant,    Simple harmonic motion involves an ordinary differential equation rather than a partial differential equation.  For it to be a partial differential equation, the derivative(s) must be those

2017-03-11 Word Problems - Directly Proportional & Inversely Proportional:

After taking Physics, I find it very important to note the units involved.    For the 1st problem, since it takes 4 people only 3 hours, multiplying that means the fence can be done in   12 people*hours

2017-03-08 Algebra - Maths:

Pi times the diameter is the circumference.      The circumference is thus   3.14259 x 66 = 207.345 cm    So each revolution the cyclist travels 207.345 cm    After 250 revolutions , the cyclist has traveled


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