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2017-04-19 Geometry - Compute Average of Surds:

Hi Prashant,    An average is a sum of terms divided by the count of terms.  Therefore, as long as you know how to add surds, you can compute an average.  Surds generally cannot be simplified when added

2017-04-14 Word Problems - Standard deviation:

If the percentile is 84%, there would be 1 - 0.84 = 0.16 above.  Out of 30,000, that would be 4800.  That would makes the answer (b) or (d).  The first number on (a) and (c) is the number below.    For

2017-04-11 Word Problems - Abstract Rates:

This means:  p players can score 5/30 = 1/6 point in 1 minute...and then,  each player can score (1/6)/p = 1/(6p) points per minute.    Therefore, p+2 players can score (p+2)*1/(6p) = (p+2)/(6p) points

2017-03-27 Algebra - Checkers game variations.:

Yes, I'm sure they will bring a variation to the way they are played, but unless you're pretty good at playing, you probably won't even notice.  Try designing one (there's many languages to do it, like

2017-03-26 Geometry - Trigonometric Computations:

Hi Prashant,    Using the following trigonometric identities, we can compute all of those.    sin(x+y) = sin(x)cos(y)+sin(y)cos(x)  cos(x+y) = cos(x)cos(y)-sin(x)sin(y)  tan(x+y) = [tan(x)+tan(y)] / [1-tan(x)tan(y)]


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