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2017-02-25 Geometry - Volume of a Sphere:

Hi Mia!    How much air is inside the bubble is the same as asking for the volume of a bubble.  A bubble is a sphere, and the volume of a sphere is found by V=(4πr^3)/3, where r is the radius.  So

2017-02-12 Word Problems - Place Value:

Place value usually says which number it refers to.    In the 690, the 1s place value is 0, the 10s place value is 9 and the hundreds place value is 6.    Another example would be with the number 527.

2017-02-10 Math for Kids - Help:

hello,    I am not sure if I understand your question correct. However, if you are asking why percentage is per 100 and not per 1000 or 10, the response is   - it is per 100 because that is what the mathematicians

2017-01-30 Basic Math - The number pi:

Hello Tom,    These days, with the Internet, it is easy to get many digits of pi with great reliability.  For example:

2017-01-19 Geometry - Direct and Inverse Varation:

Hi Aishwarya,    Direct and inverse variation are not the same as cross multiplying.  They are concepts used in problem solving.    Direct variation is when the independent variable increases proportionally


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