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2016-10-24 Geometry - Like Terms:

Hi Mary,    When the exponents on a variable differ, they are not like terms.  They can not be brought together by adding or subtracting.  So 12x+10x cannot be simplified any further.    When you have

2016-10-18 Geometry - Geometry and Algebra:

Hi Macie,    One of the great things about these formulas is they apply just the same when you have variable expressions.  So in your example,    A=bh/2  A=(18)(5x-12)/2  A=9(5x-12)    And that is as far

2016-10-17 Geometry - Equation of Perpendicular Line:

Hi Gabrielle,    To find the equation of a line, you will need one point on the line and the slope.  The point P(3, -7) is given, so you need only find the slope.    Given a line in the form y=ax+b, a

2016-10-03 Geometry - Ratios (I think):

Hi Jan,    Indeed, this is a ratio!  What we are looking at is the following:    Ratio = (small long side)/(Big long side) = (small short side)/(Big short side)    So if you have long sides measuring 11

2016-09-24 Word Problems - Zero:

Now they really are the same number, but sometimes more places are kept for different reasons.    One of them is that's how many decimal places accuracy are to be kept on the machine being used.    Where


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