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2017-01-07 Basic Math - Determing actual age from apparent age of characters:

Hello Julian,    Without additional info there are literally infinitely many possibilities!  The relationship could be (1) linear, (2) quadratic, (3) cubic, (4) exponential, (5) logarithmic,  (6) power

2016-12-29 Word Problems - Rates:

The 39,000 man-hrs is the amount of work done or to be done. So, it could mean 39,000 men work for  1 hour, or 3900 men work for 10 hrs, or 390 men work for 100 hrs, or 39 men work for 1000 hrs, or as

2016-12-26 Word Problems - Rates:

Here's one way...  195 men x 10 hrs/day x 20 days = 39000 man-hrs was required to complete the job.  That means the job requires 39000 man-hours.  if each man work 15 days for 13 hrs/day, then he works

2016-12-13 Geometry - Area of a Parallelogram:

Hi Aishwarya,    Heron's formula can be used here, and that is a straightforward way to solve this problem.    A parallelogram with four equal sides is a rhombus.  It can be shown that a rhombus' diagonals

2016-12-09 Word Problems - Tax Rates:

It can just be left as 7/100.  The only reason to put in, 'units',' is to remind the person to put in the correct units if they are in the problem.  This would happen if the question was in were in another


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