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2016-09-22 Phobias - FasterEFT ? Be very careful!:

Mariah, thank you for the kind comments of support and endorsement. I did originally train with Roger Callahan, then Gary Craig over the past 25+ years, so am an "old school" kind of EFT practitioner.

2016-09-16 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Anti social:

Hi, thanks for your questions. You asked,    Surely people can fit these qualifications and not be a sociopath, or am I wrong?  ---- the problem with laypeople trying to use diagnostic criteria is that

2016-09-12 Dealing with Depression - Self-esteem issues:

Dear George,       From the details you have provided, it seems there are two issues we might need to examine here. The first one relates to self esteem, as you have mentioned in the title and the other

2016-09-11 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Beauty:

Hi, James, I don't know of any websites where there are "experts" on beauty. I do know that there is some psychological research in the area. My understanding of the research is that people mostly agree

2016-08-30 OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - doubt of ptosis:

Hi aob    unfortunately I have no expertise in eye health. My expertise is in OCD.     If you haven't already, you might check in with these experts on the site instead:


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