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2017-01-11 Counseling - Grieving mom's unexpected death:

Sid,  first, my sympathies on the loss of your mom.  Having worked for our local hospice as the coordinator of bereavement services, I've learned a lot from the people who I saw. First, is to accept the

2017-01-09 Relationship Recovery and Resilience - Moving forward after Divorce:

Yes, I think you should get her out of your head and move on. Keep your relationship with your children but do not let her use the (fake) possibility of reconciliation to manipulate you. Try this visualization:

2017-01-06 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,       I would like to mention a few things about quick change of themes or topics.       It appears to be a matter of habit. And like any other habit, the habit of staying on track with a particular

2017-01-05 Counseling - COUNSELING:

Hi, Andrew.  I'll do my best to answer your questions.  In terms of how counseling may help, from my perspective as a solution-focused practitioner, I would answer that this all depends on what your personal

2017-01-04 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,     I hope you are able to get prescriptions from the new psychiatrist. You should continue Sertraline at the current dose for some months, as we discussed in the previous messages.       About


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