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2016-10-18 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - S/s of anxiety disorder?:

Rebecca,    I'm so sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. I too am glad that you are not feeling depressed. I truly think the best person to ask about this is your physician or psychiatrist who

2016-10-14 Counseling - trust issues:

Dear Melanie,  Thank you for your letter and for explaining your situation to me.   You could look at it two ways:  1. You have trust issues.  2. He has trustworthiness issues.  He sounds a little psycho

2016-10-14 Counseling - trust:

Hello Melanie,  Its rather unfortunate that has chosen to betray the trust you have in him by lying over several things. One fundamental truth we must all learn in relationship, is that truth creates a

2016-10-13 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Borderline personality disorder:

Simran,    Borderline personality disorder can develop in individuals who have experienced traumatic childhoods and neglect, as you mentioned. It is also believed that there is a genetic disposition that

2016-10-12 Counseling - lies in a relationship:

Melanie:  Allow me to make some assumptions:  normally you're not a mistrustful person.  Your capable of forming trusting relationships with other people: friends & family for example. Given that you're


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