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2017-03-25 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - pedophilia:

Hi Damian    The meaning of a five-year age difference depends on the age. When you become 50 it will be meaningless.  But picture a 12-year-old lad "liking" a 7-year-old girl. They would practically be

2017-03-20 Counseling - many fears:

Hi Danny,    While reading your letter a few thoughts came to mind.    First of all, it seems like you and your wife may gain better communication through counseling  sessions. Trying to read between the

2017-03-20 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Sudden Racing Thoughts:

Hi to you Jeffrey    Seems like your life is momentarily stressful on several fronts. I'd tell you to take a long walk, drink a cool beer, go to church, or jump up and down -- if there was any evidence

2017-03-15 Panic Disorders/Attacks - Anxiety spell:

The stress you would encounter in such a big event like this is often much more than you would experience under normal circumstances. For that reason to get anxious feelings would be very normal.  In time

2017-03-14 Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Can't get over the trauma:

Linda, I am saddened to hear about your life's challenges that continue to this day, losing your son, husband, car and everything else along the way.    You can't make people behave differently than they


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