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2017-02-20 Dealing with Depression - worried...:

Dear Anton,       You might be thinking about this more than necessary. If you constantly worry about this issue, without actually taking steps towards a healthier life, then you might stress yourself

2017-02-09 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Self injury disorder or masochism?:

Hi Claire      A-  Either or both. Depends on whether the objective is to mutilate, especially if followed by regret (pointing to the latter), or simply to enjoy the excitement (then the former).     B-

2017-02-08 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Is this considered masochism or self infury?:

fantasies are not the same as self injury, no. Bruising oneself purposely would, of course, be self harm. Some people do it as a religious ritual, and are not bothered by it. For those persons, we would

2017-02-08 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Query re diagnostic term:

well, it is impossible to diagnose someone with such limited information. It would also be unethical to try to do so via email. In addition, even if a doctor COULD accurately diagnose you via email, that

2017-02-08 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Query re diagnostic term:

why is your diagnosis so important?


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