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2017-04-13 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - setting a target price for stock purchase:

Hi Peter,    You sound like a sophisticated investor.  Setting your "target price" means essentially that you think the stock will move down from its current price.  Otherwise, you would simply buy it

2017-04-08 Retirement Planning - 403b to roth:

Dear Pat,    I'm confused by your reference to the recharacterization due to an excess contribution. The combination of a traditional IRA and a Roth cannot exceed the maximum attributed to either one.

2017-03-31 Mutual Funds - Transaction Mutual Fund Fees:

Hi Kenneth,    Fund companies typically have agreements with brokerage companies to get their funds listed on a platform. The formal decision to list a fund as NTF is the brokerage company's decision but

2017-03-17 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Retirement Planning: Social Security:

Hi. Up until recently, the soc sec administration gave you many different options to cusomize your benefits based on your specific situation. However, this rules have now been simplied and options such

2017-03-12 Mutual Funds - Mutual Fund Expense Ratio:

Hi. The expense ratio of mutual funds comes out of performance. In other words, if a fund returns 10% and the expense ratio is .50%, then the net return that gets reported to the investor and the investor


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