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2016-09-11 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - investing inheritance:

Hi. I know the tiny return is tough to accept, however, safety seems to be the major concern for you. There is no free ride when it comes to trying to achieve extra return so if this is money you will

2016-09-08 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Financial advisors:

Tom    Everything was a miserable failure in 2008; and they have all come back if you stayed with whatever you came into the drop with. There won't be anything you can invest in, in equities, that can

2016-09-05 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Financial advisors:

Sorry for the delay Tom    I managed assets as such in the past and still do. It happens a lot when clients come in with old positions they want to or have to keep but do like my ideas if different.  

2016-08-31 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Roth IRA:

Dear John,    First, congratulations on your methodical saving.  Best thing you could do.     In general terms, when you have a need for cash, it is better to first take it from your taxable accounts,

2016-08-26 Mutual Funds - Stocks and mutual funds:

Hi. Stock mutual funds are simply a diversified portfolio of many different stocks that allows investors to get broad exposure to many different investments. Mutual fund performance therefore will be dictated


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