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Retirement Planning

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2017-02-20 Retirement Planning - Roth IRA:

You can no longer contribute to a traditional IRA upon the year you turn 70.5. You can contribute to a Roth IRA out of earned income provided you qualify otherwise. Hey, once one turns 70, one's life expectancy

2017-02-18 Retirement Planning - Disabilty benefit to Social Security:

If I get Social Security disability benefits and I reach full retirement age, will I then receive retirement benefits?    Social Security disability benefits automatically change to retirement benefits

2017-02-14 Personal Investment & Financial Planning - Money Questions:

Hi. To confirm I understand your question, you have access to US dollars and are wondering if a bank will give you a loan using these US dollars as security? To clarify, are the US dollars in a local US

2017-02-14 Mutual Funds - gifting:

Thank you for your query. I am no tax attorney, thus cannot furnish you with  this kind of advice.  You may want to discuss the issue with your registered rep at Edward Jones Rising Funds and with your

2017-02-08 Retirement Planning - Contribution SEP IRA:

Hi David,  This is a bit of a complicated question without knowing more about your financial picture but I can shed some light on a few things that may help you decide. She can make "non deductible" contributions


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