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Parenting Special Needs

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2017-01-27 Autism - Head-hitting and slapping her face:

Dear Manoj,     Of course, the first thing to do is to rule out any medical reasons, such as ear or sinus infections, headaches or the like. That being done, the primary reasons autistics exhibit such

2017-01-27 Autism - Major Sleep Problem with my Autistic Child:

Dear Manoj,     Getting to sleep can be hard for autistics for several reasons:     Sensory - if your daughter has tactile sensitivities there may be something causing discomfort or pain, such as a speck

2017-01-10 Autism - being slow:

I think it depends upon what we are doing.  Temple Grandin successfully used it to her advantage and to the advantage of the animal processing centers she influenced as well.  Most of us don't have the

2017-01-09 Autism - being slow:

Dear Andrew,  Although I've never specifically heard it put that way, I suppose we probably do.  We are very detail-oriented and tend to have specific ways we like to do many things, which can make things

2016-12-14 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Undiagnosed Ritalin Side effect:

I cannot advise an anonymous person and more so without examining them. However nothing you have said makes any medical  sense! You cannot become allergic to Ritalin.You are  either allergic to start with


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