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Parenting Special Needs

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2016-11-22 Autism - suggestions for replacement behaviours:

Hi Karen,    You do have interesting situations.    Glad to hear that the hair pulling issue has lessened, but this new behaviour has the power to annoy kids and adults alike. It might have initially been

2016-11-11 Autism - Proprioceptive disorder:

Peter,  First, let me assure you that you should not be concerned about your son being "labeled." Special education records are kept very confidential. Nothing ever appears on transcripts about special

2016-10-03 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Excitement in child:

Amrutraj,    Be thankful that your son is doing well academically and is bright. Emotions are a tough area to address, especially with a 7 year old. He might benefit from counseling. This is not my area

2016-09-17 Autism - training:

Dear Hank,    This is a good question.  First, let me point out several things.  Training in social awareness and body language is very helpful, and should be attempted if for no other reason than to improve


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