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Parenting Special Needs

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2016-09-17 Autism - training:

Dear Hank,    This is a good question.  First, let me point out several things.  Training in social awareness and body language is very helpful, and should be attempted if for no other reason than to improve

2016-08-29 Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Holding back a grade:

Gabi,  It sounds like you have your hands full. I'm normally opposed to holding kids back a year, but there are notable exceptions. Based on what you have shared, it is very possible this could be the

2016-08-21 Autism - undiagnosised aspie.:

Hey Adam,    Thank you for your important question.    It is both important and not important to receive a formal diagnosis.    It is not important to receive a formal diagnosis because living in the information

2016-08-06 Autism - being social:

Good Morning,  Being social can be very natural for some people and not others.  It is hard to understand if you are not social.  Often a social person that you know may assume that you are upset with

2016-07-26 Autism - help with student's use of profanity:

Hi Karen,    First, I am impressed with all that you have done for this child. He is a lucky boy to have landed in your school. Although the profanity is a real concern, can you imagine what things might


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