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Wireless Communications

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2016-08-14 Wireless Communications - QUESTION GETTING ON INTENET BLOCKED:

Hi Kenny,  No updating your anti-virus will not prevent you from being able to access the Internet, in fact it is required to be connected to the Internet to update your AV.    I would need more information

2016-08-11 Wireless Communications - what can be interfering with cell phone data connection what can be interfering with cell phone data connection:

Hi,  I agree with you.  What ever it is,causes repercussion for your wireless services.  Regarding your explenation,I doubt about interfernce because on both 3G and 4G you have same problem,but frequency

2016-08-10 Wireless Communications - MORE POWER:

Hi,    The construction of the cells in the batteries is like capacitors. a capacitor is an element which is used to trap and accumulate (electrons)electricity power. It is made of two conductive surfaces


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