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2016-09-30 Abortion - unsure:

Hello, Naia,    You are very, very welcome. Here is what is most likely to happen with your mother. She will be upset. She may say some ugly things. This often happens. But the vast majority of parents

2016-09-29 Abortion - unsure:

Hello, Naia,    These medications they use to produce abortion are VERY DANGEROUS. I cannot recommend any woman use them. They can kill. The main way they kill is by causing a woman to bleed to death,

2016-09-28 Birth Control - Not sure if I'm in the right place:

The anal area is very sensitive, and needs to be handled gently.  Irritation there is fairly common.  Try to maintain normal, not hard bowel movements.  Dietary changes, regular bowel movements, drinking

2016-09-24 Birth Control - Menstrual bleeding:

Your periods seem a little unusual while on the pill, but I don't think it's anything to worry about.  If you've been on the same pill for a while, it's unusual that your periods aren't all about the same

2016-08-30 Abortion - how to abort:

Hello, Chloe,    As you are probably aware, abortion is illegal in your country. The government want to protect both of you from shoddy back alley butchers.    All methods of abortion are very dangerous


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