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2017-03-21 Finland - Please Assist:

Dear Shantina,    Unfortunately I am not able to help you on this one. In order to find the right person I need a full street address or full birth date. I checked Facebook, internet, LinkedIn and also

2017-03-18 Italy - venice travel:

Hello Dorothy,    You don't have to book in advance and if you did via the internet you would be charged a premium via a "middle man" anyway!    There are four possibilities (1) private watertaxi from

2017-03-08 France - transportation in France:

Hello;       here's the link to SNCF's best price calendar:    I would recommend hiring a driver guide for both destinations. Viator has several five star

2017-03-07 France - transportation in France:

Hello,       I think a car with driver would be quite expensive. Paris Reims for example could cost 1,000 euros for a 200km round trip. Your destination is over 300km from Paris. Bourbon Lancy has no station

2017-03-07 Italy - Train from Venice to Rome:

Hello Matt,    The Frecce (Rossa or Argento) are the fastest trains between Venice and Rome.  Trains between Venezia Santa Lucia and Roma Termini leave twice per hour and take fewer than 4 hours to arrive


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