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2016-10-04 France - December in France:

Hello  around Paris you can visit vaux le vicomte or Versailles, I think thera are special events at this time of year  there is also chantilly where thereis  a nice horses show and a beautiful castle

2016-09-29 Greece - Atens to Delphi, Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,  I am glad that I helped.    Of course you can go to Lamia and then to kalambaka. (Somehow I thought you had booked a hotel in Athens and you wanted to do daily trips or something like this)

2016-09-25 Dutch - Netherlands culture paper:

Hello Arlene,  You posted this in the category "Dutch" and I understand you would like to compare "sexuality and "sexual variation" between The Netherlands and The United States. Is that right?      To

2016-09-22 Ireland - Irish Travel Plans:

On part one....    London has five, yes, five airports offering flights to Ireland.   Your three best options for flights are or or   Airport wise, bear in

2016-09-22 Ireland - Travel in Ireland:

thank you Dennis for choosing to visit Ireland    From London you can choose to fly to Shannon, Knock or Dublin.    A brief scan of the fares quoted today for flights to Shannon or Knock on May 7th 2017


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