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2016-09-25 Dutch - Netherlands culture paper:

Hello Arlene,  You posted this in the category "Dutch" and I understand you would like to compare "sexuality and "sexual variation" between The Netherlands and The United States. Is that right?      To

2016-09-22 Ireland - Irish Travel Plans:

On part one....    London has five, yes, five airports offering flights to Ireland.   Your three best options for flights are or or   Airport wise, bear in

2016-09-22 Ireland - Travel in Ireland:

thank you Dennis for choosing to visit Ireland    From London you can choose to fly to Shannon, Knock or Dublin.    A brief scan of the fares quoted today for flights to Shannon or Knock on May 7th 2017

2016-09-13 Greece - Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,    You can do Kalabaka and Delphi in two days (although I donít find it a good idea).  From Delphi you can travel to Athens  the afternoon and then from Athens to travel to Kalabaka.    Delphi

2016-09-05 Turkey - Debt collection demand:

I'm really glad to hear you were able to find someone to deal with this so quickly.   For your future reference, a claimant cannot have your bank accounts restricted unless/until a debt is considered valid


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