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2016-12-05 Dutch - Cultural traditions regarding death:

Hello Briana,  First of all my condoleances, it is always painful to have someone so loved taken away for ever.  As for your request, you may come up disappointed; If you would like to incorporate any

2016-11-14 France - Paris day trip from London:

Hello  you will arrive Garde du Nord  if you want to visit the eiffel tower and then le louvre and orsay (tegre are big, iw will davice to see jacquemart andré and ahev a lunch there)  the best choice

2016-11-14 France - day trip to Paris from London:

Hello,       I'm presuming that you will arrive at the Gare du Mord. Paris Open Line has a stop here. They offer a one day tour service and you can hop on and hop off. You can reserve on line. Remember

2016-11-10 Finland - Surname:

Good day Daniel,    Thank you for your message. I stumbled upon a lot of information on the internet regarding the surname Hookana! =)  but it's all in Finnish so I'll translate it for you. I believe that

2016-11-03 Turkey - 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt does this cause?:

Hi,   The coup attemp doesn not pose a risk for visiğtors. It's more for internal issues nowadays, the government is after the cooperators of the coup, purging thousands of government employees who


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