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2016-09-24 Aerospace/Aviation - Light Aircraft Safety:

Airliners use a prioritized message system. For example, if the airplane is on fire, that is given a higher priority than  a low fuel alarm. Also, light aircraft attempt to show ALL the information on

2016-09-20 Aerospace/Aviation - Destruction of Shutte-Lanz SL11:

Hello Tony.  I've not heard of that expression before, although it does sound like just the thing a patriotic newspaper would concoct.  The best account of the shooting down of the SL11 I've found is in

2016-08-15 Aerospace/Aviation - International airport design.:

Hi, Prashant:    An increase of 30 to 50 flights per day would impact different airports differently.  For example, an international airport designed to handled 1000 flights per day would not be significantly

2016-08-15 Aeronautical Engineering - International airport design.:

There is no clear answer. It really depends on the space available and the foresight of the designers. I would say (generally) that most airports are designed to include terminal expansion up to 20yrs

2016-08-15 Aerospace/Aviation - International airport design.:

Hi, Prashant:    My view of airport terminal design, especially international airport terminal design, has to focus as much on the number of airline aircraft loading gates needed first, and then the number


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