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2016-12-29 Aeronautical Engineering - VAWT induction factor:

Sorry Bill, your formula is too hard to read. And even if I could I don't know where it comes from or what it represents. Normally, when describing the solution to this kind of engineering problem one

2016-12-28 Aeronautical Engineering - VAWT induction factor:

William - I would have to see your analysis to know what you are doing. I believe that can be attached as a pdf file. Considering a flow through a rotor disc, the force on the disc (thrust) is equal to

2016-12-15 Aerospace/Aviation - Double Decker Commercial Aircraft Design.:

Hi, Prashant:    Nice to hear from you again.   There has been a double-decker commercial airline aircraft flying in global airline fleets since the first delivery of the Airbus A-380 to Singapore Airlines

2016-11-17 Aeronautical Engineering - Perpetual Motion Machines:

No, you do not have a perpetual motion machine because it requires a battery for power that gets depleted. In short, the motion is not perpetual.    Perpetual motion is impossible because all moving systems

2016-10-31 Aeronautical Engineering - design a wing with minimum drag coefficient:

All aerodynamics are now done with computer simulators. Once the design is narrowed, wind tunnel tests are done to confirm the computer data.    The easiest way to experiment with airfoils is to use one


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