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2016-09-28 Calculus - surveys of calculus:

Sketch the graph of a function that satisfies the stated conditions below:  I'll give the info, and you can sketch it.     It is given that f is continuous and differentiable everywhere.    The sign diagram

2016-09-26 Probability & Statistics - division:

Your idea sort of makes sense -- you could divide up the 4088, then divide the remainder, and then the remainder, until the remainder was very small (less than $1 or $0.01 perhaps).    However, there is

2016-09-24 Word Problems - Zero:

Now they really are the same number, but sometimes more places are kept for different reasons.    One of them is that's how many decimal places accuracy are to be kept on the machine being used.    Where

2016-09-21 Advanced Math - Logarithms:

The value of the letter e is determined by bankers and mathematicians.    For bankers, though in reality I'm not sure this is done, it denotes the value of interest when compounding is done continuously

2016-09-21 Advanced Math - Combinations:

Questioner:JohnnyX   Country:Norway   Category:Advanced Math   Private:No   Subject:Basic Probability     Question:  I am learning basic probability. Please help me solve the following probability problem


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