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2016-10-24 Geometry - Like Terms:

Hi Mary,    When the exponents on a variable differ, they are not like terms.  They can not be brought together by adding or subtracting.  So 12x+10x cannot be simplified any further.    When you have

2016-10-18 Advanced Math - Math:

1. If there are n squares in the box and each square in a box is divided into 16 squares,  the resulting number of squares is 16n.      2. There are 4 corners on each square, so subtracting 4 from 16 gives

2016-10-18 Geometry - Geometry and Algebra:

Hi Macie,    One of the great things about these formulas is they apply just the same when you have variable expressions.  So in your example,    A=bh/2  A=(18)(5x-12)/2  A=9(5x-12)    And that is as far

2016-10-17 Geometry - Equation of Perpendicular Line:

Hi Gabrielle,    To find the equation of a line, you will need one point on the line and the slope.  The point P(3, -7) is given, so you need only find the slope.    Given a line in the form y=ax+b, a

2016-10-11 Advanced Math - approximate value of the sum of two real numbers:

Thy symbol is for plus or minus.  As in 1 0.3 is used for a number between 0.7 and 1.3.    We are given that X = 3 0.2 and y = -4 0.1.  This means 2.8 <= x <= 3.2 and -4.1 <= y <= -3.9.    The


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