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2017-04-20 Advanced Math - Acres Per Hour Follow-up:

"equipment is moving at 4.5 mph"  (4.5 miles)/h (5280 ft)/mile = (23,760 ft)/h  The equipment travels 23,760 feet per hour.    "equipment is 9 ft wide"  coverage = (9 ft) (23,760 ft)/h   = (213,840

2017-04-19 Geometry - Compute Average of Surds:

Hi Prashant,    An average is a sum of terms divided by the count of terms.  Therefore, as long as you know how to add surds, you can compute an average.  Surds generally cannot be simplified when added

2017-04-19 Advanced Math - Compute Average of Surds.:

We can simplify this, but not much.  If it is an addition, as in 3√2 + 2√3 + 4√5 + 5√2 + 6√7 + 7√3 + 8√5 has a couple of terms in common.  Going from the smallest

2017-04-16 Advanced Math - transformation:

What you need to do is find a mapping (aka function), f, that takes u --> v    where     u = 8x^3 + 1    and    v = x^3 + 1.    From my way of looking at it, the x^3 term is the most "complicated" (since

2017-04-16 Advanced Math - transformation:

Let f(x) = 8x^3 + 1 and let g(x) = x^3 + 1.    At first, I tried to use intuition to figure it out:    I put both functions into Excel and checked out the relationship between them.    No matter how I


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