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2016-12-02 Number Theory - Sequences:

Hello Isabel  It can't.  When you have irrationals in the denominator, the trick is to multiply Numerator and denominator by the surd conjugate of the denominator.  In this case it is √(7r-3) + √

2016-11-29 Advanced Math - Width Follpw-up:

area of metal = y  area of wood = x-y  y:(x-y) = 25:39  39y = 25(x-y) = 25x - 25y  64y = 25x  y = (25/64)x  y = √((25/64)x) = (√25/√64)√x = (5/8)x    w = (x - y)/2

2016-11-21 Advanced Math - Functional analysis:

We can take as an example of an infinite Hilbert space the space of complex functions f of a complex argument, z, which are square integrable (integral of square < ∞) and which has an inner product

2016-11-20 Geometry - Math Project Help:

Euler's formula was for complex numbers of the form x = a + bi,   where i=√(-1) and x is in radians.    The formula is in exponential and trigonometric notation.  It is e^(ix) = cos(x) + i*sin(x)

2016-11-18 Algebra - Algebra:

Hi Jimmy,          The problem you suggested is rather interesting. Trying to crack things apart by brute force manipulation will probably not get you anywhere since it involves both conventional algebraic


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