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2017-03-24 Number Theory - Number sequence:

First, the quickest way to find information about a sequence is the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Using their search form, one can quickly find that your sequence

2017-03-23 Number Theory - Compute Cross Sectional area of Solids.:

We can only talk about cross sectional area if it is the same everywhere.  i.e. The shape has to be a prism, for example a cuboid, a cylinder, a triangular prism.  None of the shapes you give are prisms

2017-03-23 Advanced Math - Rates:

Hi  Yes, it could.  For instance, while ($35.95/1 year)/$1000 means the same as ($35.95/$1000)/1 year, changing the placement of the parentheses gives $35.95/(1 year/$1000) and $35.95/($1000/1 year) respectively

2017-03-22 Geometry - Decimal Number Indices:

Hi Prashant,    Yes.  When the power is expressible as a fraction p/r, then x^(p/r) equals the rth root of x^p.  When the power is a non-repeating decimal and cannot be expressed as a fraction, we can

2017-03-22 Advanced Math - Surds Matrix.:

As long as the matrix is not singular, it can be inverted, though the answer may look somewhat complicated.  To give an easy, take the matrix  √2   1   1  √2 (which has a determinant of √


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