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2017-02-25 Geometry - Volume of a Sphere:

Hi Mia!    How much air is inside the bubble is the same as asking for the volume of a bubble.  A bubble is a sphere, and the volume of a sphere is found by V=(4πr^3)/3, where r is the radius.  So

2017-02-24 Probability & Statistics - Least Squares Method:

The least-squares method can be used to produce a line-of-best-fit for a set of data. If you are given a line that is a potential best fit, you would find the residual at each data point (the height from

2017-02-22 Calculus - Calculus 2:

Hello Victoria,    1. Perform each integral, then solve for b in terms of a.  .  The left side becomes e^b-1, the right side is 2(e^a-1), but they  .  are equal.  Thus, e^b-1=2(e^a-1) solve for b

2017-02-21 Advanced Math - Fluid Mechanics:

This can be shown by starting with one of the simplest forms of the equations of motion where we just have the velocity and pressure relation    ρDU/Dt = -∆p    where ρ is density, U is

2017-02-15 Advanced Math - Fluid Mechanics:

I can see that you recognize that velocity and position are related by a derivative of time, namely, u(t) = dx(t)/dt, and that the solution as a function of time requires must require an integration in


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