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2017-02-12 Florida - where to go....:

My favorite area is the Seaside, Watercolor  Rosemary Beach area. It is in the panhandle   of Florida so it would be closer if you are   driving from Illinois. Also, nearby Destin area  is another option

2017-01-25 District of Columbia (Washington D - HotelS:

Thank you for writing me.    I do know one hotel which might be very reasonable.  It is in DC near everything  It called "the hotel Washington"  I know they have reasonable prices but if you are coming

2017-01-18 Hawaii - Trenslation to Hawaiian:

Aloha Joan,    I am sorry about your friend's loss.  I asked my friend Puakea Nogelmeier for help on this question since he is a professor of Hawaiian language and culture at the University of Hawaii and


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