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2016-09-18 Walt Disney World - Disney Parade:

Hi Joyce,    That's not quite right.  The Christmas parade isn't going anywhere.  The Main Street Electrical Parade is moving to California, with the last running in FL scheduled for Oct 8, 2016.  It's

2016-09-12 Disneyland - Halloween at DL:

Hi Angel,    I was just cursing the name of the Marketing VP who came up with the whole Halloweentime event at Disneyland. I actually met her when I worked for the Mouse. Before that, this was the quietist

2016-08-27 Walt Disney World - dining after midnight:

Hi -    Using Disney transportation I don't expect you to arrive at your room until between 2-3.  (You need to take the monorail to the main terminal, wait for your Magical Express, possibly not be the


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