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2017-01-17 German Law - Spousal Support (alimony):

Dear John,    a civil judgment would not impact your immigration status in any way.    You may also want to consider the possibility of getting the court order amended if and when your financial circumstances

2017-01-14 German Law - Power of Attorney POA:

If she is alive, you would need a POA. Since I do not know the requirements and restrictions (e.g. court approvals) of a POA under American law I am not able to tell you if this would be sufficient. Pursuant

2017-01-06 German Law - German citizenship via adoption:

Your adoption came two months too early indeed.  It comes too late for you, but because this is a public forum: This shows the value of contacting a lawyer  BEFORE you start the adoption process.    There

2016-12-30 German Law - Discretionary naturalisation in Germany:

Dear Kate,    discretionary early naturalisation is usually only granted for athletes who will represent German in international contests. Unless you can show that your naturalisation is in Germany's national

2016-12-30 German Law - Parents debts:

According to the rule of universal succession the heirs automatically step in the shoes of the deceased in regard to assets and liabilities at the time of death. 1968 of the German Civil Code regulates


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