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2016-09-23 German Law - Documents for ius sanguinis:

Dear Tyler,    these applications sometimes take years.    There is a huge backlog at the moment because many British with German ancestors are filing after the Brexit decision: https://andreasmoser.wordpress

2016-09-15 German Law - "Quellensteuer für Steuerausländer":

German national tax law does not provide any regulations in regard to "Quellensteuer". However, the German Korean Double Taxation Agreement stipulates the following in Art 12 concerning license fees. I

2016-09-11 German Law - StAngRegG and Citizenship by Descent:

Dear Adam,    that is a rather peculiar case indeed.    § 9 I StAngRegG indeed does not refer to the requirement to waive your pre-existing citizenship, as is normally required for naturalization as a

2016-09-10 German Law - Wiedereinbürgerung:

Dear Joanna,    besides your mother's marriage, we have another problem: Until 1953, you could only receive German citizenship from your father, bot from your mother. So even if you mother would have remained

2016-09-02 German Law - Inheritance:

Unless otherwise stipulated in your uncles or his partners will his estate had merged with the estate of his partner after his death. After the death of the partner only his respective blood relatives


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