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2016-10-11 World News - International Court:

Eleanor:    It puts Russia on the spot. It focuses world attention on that country's barbarous actions in Syria, resulting in the indiscriminate deaths of hundreds of civilians, which is an act, in international

2016-09-26 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Regarding Israel - followup:

An innocent question is not racist or anti-semitic. A question that is knowingly based on lies, is.     First of all, calling them "arab" Jews or christians is racist. You're either Arab or you're not

2016-09-06 Russia (News & Politics) - Life in Russia in the 1970s:

I read the article, describing everyday-life in Russia in the 1970s. As some ideas written in the article are shared by me, in general I think the article is too propagandistic. In it, everything is fine


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