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2016-11-10 European History - WW1:

There were no communists in Britain or anywhere in the world during or before WWI. The British leftists were belonging to the Labour Party. The continental European Leftists were belonging to the Socialist

2016-10-21 British History - British ancestors who gave birth in India:

Hello Shelley.  The most likely reason would be that the father went out to India either with the Army or as an employee of the East India Company, taking his family with him.   Semapur seems to have been

2016-09-11 European History - SS RuSHA office:

Hi Adriana,    From Adrian Weale's book ARMY OF EVIL: A HISTORY OF THE SS (2010), page 120, is this statement regarding investigations by RuSHA: "In theory, all of this information would be checked in

2016-09-06 European History - Sir Nevile Henderson:

Hi Adriana,    The evidence I've found strongly indicates that Sir Nevile had at least a rudimentary grasp of German. An account of him delivering an ultimatum to von Ribbontrop describes that he went


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