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2016-10-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - which vs. that:

A is correct.    The difference in meaning between these two relative pronouns is that that is used restrictively and which is used descriptively. A is correct here because the clause it

2016-10-17 General Writing and Grammar Help - Figure, figure out and figure it out:

1. The word "out," strange as it may seem, is often added idiomatically without any change in meaning. This is the case with "figure [it]" and "figure [it] out." Those two expressions mean essentially

2016-10-14 General Writing and Grammar Help - If vs. whether:

A. I don't know whether to go there.  B. I don't know if going there.    If can frequently be used instead of whether. When it can or can't is question of idiom [common usage]. The reverse

2016-10-14 General Writing and Grammar Help - The phrase whithout repeating the auxiliary seems smarter:

Mark, this is one of those situations where a seemingly correct formulation is incorrect because of idiom [common usage].    A. "We're not sure whether he WILL stay here for dinner or he WILL GO somewhere

2016-10-13 General Writing and Grammar Help - am to:

Yes, it's entirely correct.    *    *    *    *    I need to tell you that the equation you have reiterated is not entirely accurate. I am to travel is not really equivalent to <i>I will have to


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