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2017-01-18 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Rocking Chair:

Linda - Your spindle back chair is a "faux" Shaker rocker. It looks somewhat like a Shaker but it isn't a true Shaker. It was factory made around the turn of the 20th century. It was originally made of

2017-01-15 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - what kind of claw feet are these on this curio cabinet?:

oak curved oak china cabinet with claw feet.  made 1880-1910.    Good one!      there were many interpretations of varying claw and paw feet. Many things relate to naturalist beings.  truly, they are not

2017-01-14 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - refinishing furniture:

Please post pictures of the rings. Use the follow up function to do so. Here's your problem, you can sand the rings away which is not recommended, but they will return. I need to see them to tell you

2017-01-13 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Steamer Trunk:

Hi Raye,   I can help some with information about your trunk but not the framed prints.  The trunk is an American made metal covered barrel stave top trunk, from the time period of about 1885 to 1900.

2017-01-12 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Brandt Cabinet Works Octagon table:

Joanna - Your table is typical of many "occasional" tables made during the Depression era of the 1930s. The six or eight legged examples were very popular in the period. Most of them, like yours, were


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