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2017-02-13 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Military bridge model kit:

Brent,     That's a very interesting item. I would call the case a chest, specially made for the military for this bridge model training kit. I think from the markings and hardware style that it's from

2017-02-11 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Shwayder Trunk:

Kathy,     Since the Shwayder trunk company was started in 1910 and made many types of trunks over a period of years I would really need to see some pictures of the trunk to help with your questions.

2017-02-10 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Leaf:

send pictures of the table to my email.  send them as attachments, not as part of the body of the email.    turn table upside down and take pict.  show pic with top opened and right side up, show mechanism

2017-02-08 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Smoker Cabinet:

Daniela - Smoking stands were first popular around the turn of the century and then the popularity faded until the Depression. During the Depression of the 1930s many companies turned to the manufacture

2017-02-05 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Cedar chest:

Shannon,   I'm sorry I can't help identify the maker of your cedar chest. There were quite a few makers of those chests from the 1920's to 50's and some put labels on them and some did not. They were different


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