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2016-10-05 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Tarnish on gold caused by silver polish:

Christine, it looks like the gold plate was removed.  The plated layer was likely thin to start, no polishing recommended!   So what to do?  YOu need to call jewelers in your area and see if they do gold

2016-09-27 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - jewery meaning of the stamp:

Denise, the mark is not cler as to meaning.  I suspect the items are plated but could be wrong. The markings are not commonly seen for gold plated.   I recommend to know for certain, go to a jeweler to

2016-08-27 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Orange Ethiopian Opals:

Hello Jo Anne,  Thank you for your question ...  Ive seen many Ethiopian Opals on EBAY , they appear to in abundance at present .  Although the colour looks terrific .Ethiopian Opals are Hyrophane  ( that

2016-08-24 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Indentification:

Hi Amy,  This is very pretty but is most likely not natural. You are looking at a chunk of discarded glass from the glass making industry. These are common and are often sold as pretty garden rocks. When

2016-08-24 Jewelry, Gems, & Minerals - Mineral Indentification:

Hi Amy,  Unfortunately your pictures are very fuzzy and I can only postulate or speculate about your rock. It looks like that you have found a piece of "graphic granite". A good place for these type of


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