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2016-10-25 Horses - racking horses:

David, if he is a Standardbred and 12 years old, the 2nd character of his freeze brand should be "B." I ran a few #'s that were similar to the # you provided, and all were listed as mares or geldings.If

2016-10-25 Horses - racking horses:

David, any idea how old this horse is? Are you absolutely sure of the lip tattoo and that he is a Standardbred? Lip tattoos haven't been used in many years and get harder to read as they get older. That

2016-10-08 Horses - QUESTION HORSE BUYING:

Dear Kenny,  You are wise not to enter into horse ownership lightly. It is a huge responsibility both in terms of cost and commitment but also because horses require very specific care. I would urge you

2016-08-31 Horses - Pacing mare who brushes her knees:

Hi Timothy.     Let me start by saying that I'm not a farrier either. You say that she brushes her knees, then you say she hits them. There's a huge differences in approaches you could try. If you can

2016-08-11 Gambling - Casino de l'Elysée Palace set of 6 jetons:

John,    These are jetons from the Casino de l'Elysée Palace in Vinchy, France.  The casino opened its doors in 1904 and closed in 2004.  The denominations are French francs. The centers are sterling


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