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2017-04-13 Pond & Water Gardening - Fountains inside airports.:

Dear Prashant,    Thank you for your question.  Yes this is possible, the challenge is to have the "project" completely in order.  It is not just placing a bath of water with a fountain.  You need to have

2017-04-07 Pest Control - rats:

Dear James,    I have never seen any professional or educational material that supports these devices as effective.     I personally would not spend any money on them.  Just seal up the attic - no holes

2017-04-05 Landscaping & Design - Where to plant hedges:

Hello,    Foundation plantings are completely a matter of taste but privacy is many times a necessary thing,so by all means,plant the hedge next to the wall.     If this direction is facing south you may

2017-04-05 Pest Control - Booklice and another type that can fly?:

Chara,    I can't see the insects clearly in the first photo. The second photo (also very small) looks like immature cockroaches (see I can see long, thin

2017-04-03 Pest Control - Carpet beetles again:

Mus,    Carpet beetles can develop at any time of the year, not just the spring. They also don't need to spend time outdoors. Have you had your bug identified to be certain that they are carpet beetles?


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