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2017-03-21 Pest Control - bed bugs preferences?:

There are no repellents for bed bugs. Your best option is to check the bed you'll be sleeping in and clean or treat any evidence of bed bugs that you find. There are also "traps" that you can put on the

2017-03-21 Pest Control - bed bugs preferences?:

Amber,    People differ in how much they react to bed bug bites so you may be especially sensitive. However, you did not say whether or not you have actually found bed bugs. Take a look at http://www.livingwithbugs

2017-03-20 Pest Control - Wasps:

Ok, This is the European paper wasp. Take a look at the link I sent earlier, for some general info. Knocking down individual nests or spraying them with a wasp and

2017-03-20 Pest Control - Wasps:

Erin,    Can you describe the nests you are finding, or better yet post a photo? Are the nests completely encased in a papery "skin" or are the cells exposed (see

2017-03-14 Pest Control - Fleas:

Joyce,    Two different things may affect getting flea bites. Some people are naturally more attractive to fleas probably because of body chemistry, the other factor is how people react to flea bites.


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