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2017-02-19 Landscaping & Design - West Facing Patio shading options:

Hi Jennifer: Only 6 feet?  If it is an easement (storm water? Sewer? Access?), you shouldn't really be planting anything into it.  I would suggest perhaps a vertical shade or shade sail for instant relief

2017-02-12 Irrigation - Sprinkler valves at bottom of large hillside:

Hey Chris, it sure is, the Vacuum breaker should always be higher then the highest head. Just to give you a little advice, if you are converting your existing valves to drip, you probably want to put a

2017-01-24 Perennials - Growing plants under mature trees:

Hi Jack,  Thanx for the follow up.  I see no reason why you can't use potted plants underneath the tree.  Just make sure the pots are large enough to accommodate the root system of the azaleas.  You will

2017-01-20 Perennials - white spots/Bougainvillea:

Hi Mary,  Thanx for your question.  These spots look like they could be caused by some kind of deficiency in nutrient or it could be something going on with the roots.  Is the area free draining?  Damp

2017-01-20 Pest Control - Drainage insects:

Dear Santosh,    I know of no repellent that would be effective against these insects.      One method that could give you some relief would be to deny them the reason they are there. These insects are


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