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2016-11-17 Lawns - How long can sod last?:

The short answer to your first question is "NO".   The long answer is "Yes if ..... a problem has been missed. This is likely to happen if there is not a rigorous, regular inspection of the landscape

2016-11-15 Lawns - How long can sod last?:

Thank you for a very thought-provoking question. Let me say at the outset that I will attempt to answer your question from the Horticultural aspect - where plants are appreciated for their aesthetic

2016-11-15 Pest Control - Roach:

Sherri,    The best option in this case is cockroach baits (see You can apply these yourself but given your location (southern US) I'd use the professional

2016-10-24 Pest Control - german cockroaches in condo:

Cecillia,    Cockroaches are very common in apartment buildings and attached condos (see for general information about these insects). They probably did not

2016-10-23 Irrigation - Transformer blown, unable to find replacement:

Hey Venkatesh, a transformer will cost about $40 at an irrigation supply store. Do not use any other transformer, make sure you use the same one made for this controller. Since you are in California, look


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