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2016-11-28 Plant Diseases - Cocoplum leaves:

Dear Ann, Help is on the way!  When you have something eating your bushes, but you can't find the bug doing the damage, the best option is to spray with a product containing the active ingredient Spinosad

2016-11-14 Plant Diseases - Lotus plant's disease:

Dear Kanwaljeet, Greetings.  I have family in northern India, also named Singh.  I am not sure if you planted your seeds first in only soil or if you had them in soil covered by water.  What I have learned

2016-11-12 Plant Diseases - Leaves falling:

Here is a good artilce on why the trees lose their leaves    The other thing that happens is the internal system of the tree that moves the

2016-11-05 Plant Diseases - Are Plants Aware:

Brian:    Even though my background is plant diseases, I have always had a curiosity and interest in the subject of your question.  We know that plants respond to stimuli by movements and even electrical

2016-11-02 Plant Diseases - red apple fungus killer:

Dear Don, There have been a lot of problems in the last few years with the decline of the red apple ground cover, particularly in your area.  A new species of downy mildew has been identified (Peronospora


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