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2017-01-12 Plant Diseases - lemon tree:

Hi Cheryl,  Sounds like you bought a house that had lemon trees on it.  You can not make it sweeter, but it is possible that it is rough lemon which was a root stock for lemon trees.  It is grafted onto

2016-12-29 Plant Diseases - Bamboo leaves drooping.:

Hi Samrat,  I grow bamboo in the US in Sarasota, FL, and I can tell you only what I know as I do not know about India. With that being said, bamboo loves water, the more you water it, the more it grows

2016-12-05 Perennials - PLanting Azalea Under Large Trees:

Hi again, Jack.    My biggest concern about putting azaleas under your trees is that on the one hand digging too close to tee roots can be bad for the trees, and on the other hand the trees may out compete

2016-12-05 Perennials - PLanting Azalea Under Large Trees:

Greetings, Jack.    Please let me address your last question first. I have had enormous success discouraging voles (I used to have terrible problems - once losing 50 lilies) by simply planting very small

2016-11-28 Plant Diseases - Cocoplum leaves:

Dear Ann, Help is on the way!  When you have something eating your bushes, but you can't find the bug doing the damage, the best option is to spray with a product containing the active ingredient Spinosad


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