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2017-02-24 Plant Diseases - Papaya Tree:

Hi again,  Thanks for the photos made it.  This is what I have come up with and I hope it helps.  I am in Florida and have not seen this problem here. But checking around I came up with this information

2017-02-24 Plant Diseases - Papaya Tree:

Hi Rich, no picture attached.  If it has white gummy looking stuff coming out of the fruit it is worms that bored into the fruit.  kathy

2017-01-25 Plant Diseases - greenhouse tomatoes:

Greg:    The symptoms that you describe could most likely be either an injury from contact from a toxic material OR a possible virus infection.  A representative symptomatic plant sample would have to

2017-01-24 Perennials - Growing plants under mature trees:

Hi Jack,  Thanx for the follow up.  I see no reason why you can't use potted plants underneath the tree.  Just make sure the pots are large enough to accommodate the root system of the azaleas.  You will

2017-01-23 Plant Diseases - coco plums:

Debbie:    I do not recognize a particular infectious disease from your photo.      Copper fungicides can be effective for many foliar diseases of ornamentals, but can also cause some injury if not mixed


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