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2016-11-12 Desserts - Split cake:

Dear James,    In fact, there is!  It's really quite simple; easier with a square or rectangle than a circle, but definitely do-able.    Put a piece of metal, plastic, covered cardboard (with tin foil

2016-09-17 Desserts - cream pies:

Dear Mark,    What does the recipe say to do - does it say to cool in the pan and then pour into the shell - or does it say to pour it directly into the shell and then cool?  Either way, I would let it

2016-09-17 Desserts - cream pies:

Dear Mark,    Does your recipe call for cooking it?  It is necessary to cook it until it boils and I generally cook it until the bubbles break and hold open a few seconds.  If you just heat until it boils

2016-09-14 Desserts - Baking:

Dear Aisha,    My guess is going to be that your oven isn't hot enough.  You should have it at about 175C - 200C.  Do you have an oven thermometer so you can check to see how accurate your oven thermostat

2016-09-09 Desserts - Baking:

Dear Aisha,    I'm going to need more details:    1.  What color pan are you using and is it glass or metal?    2.  How deep is the pan?  No need to convert ... I'm well versed in metric.    3.  How big


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