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2016-09-23 Fatherhood - How would an American father feel?:

If a court upheld that the father was in fact, abusive, either to a child or woman, then it should be taken into consideration in any custody dispute.  The key word here being "fact".  Indisputable and

2016-08-30 Fatherhood - Is it fair for a child that if her:

Learning a second or more language is always beneficial for anyone.  If the mother wants more visitation than weekends and the custodial parent does not agree, that must be resolved in court.  All depends

2016-08-26 Fatherhood - Is it fair for a child that if her:

Your question does not make sense to me.  First of all, I cannot answer what is fair, things are simply what they are.  I assume you mean that the child would no be alive today because of her father and

2016-07-20 Fatherhood - How would you feel if you have:

It makes no difference what I feel.  I am not in that situation and there is no way anyone can know how someone else feels, even if they tell you.  The best way to avoid this kind of situation is to refrain

2016-07-19 Fatherhood - Why would a 12 year old:

It is impossible to answer this kind of question.  One would have to be able to read minds. You might as well ask a fortune teller as anyone. I would think that you would be intelligent enough to figure


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