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2016-11-25 Fatherhood - What happens when a 16 year old girl gives birth to a:

How can I or anyone know what the future will be for this girl and her child?  If she is from a wealthy family, I can assume she will be taken care of. If not, she can get some government help and have

2016-11-25 Fatherhood - Why would an 18 year old have sex with:

How can anyone know what really goes through another person's mind?  This girl is now of legal age to have sex and children with whomever she can within the law.  As for knowing that he may be a good father

2016-09-23 Fatherhood - How would an American father feel?:

If a court upheld that the father was in fact, abusive, either to a child or woman, then it should be taken into consideration in any custody dispute.  The key word here being "fact".  Indisputable and


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