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2017-01-24 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What are these bumps?:

Hi Again, Cassandra,  That is a good question to ask your gynecologist. External labial skin like any other skin, may develop little blemishes and bumps, as well as flat warts, and all skin constantly

2017-01-23 Dermatology - Stds:

hpv is usually transferred through intercourse or oral sex. but it can be transferred form mom to child during the birth but it is uncommon.  Note: Recommendations are often different in developing countries

2017-01-23 Dermatology - Year Long Penis Rash:

The lighter skin color is called post inflammatory hypopigmentation. This means that the skin on the penis has been irritated by some agent which results in irritation and and then decreased pigment. The

2017-01-23 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Genital Warts? Inflammation?:

Hello Lacy,  BV-- bacterial vaginosis is the condition of anaerobic bacterial overgrowth with loss of normal lactobacilli and other vaginal flora.  It is NOT an infection, just the wrong germs growing

2017-01-21 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - What are these bumps?:

Hello Cassandra,  Although there is a high likely that both you and your partner have already been infected with HPV-- about 80% of all sexually active adults have already been so infected-- the images


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