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2016-09-12 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - What does this mean?:

Hi Maureen!  I'm sure it can be intimidating when encountering things that aren't familiar to your friend.  I'm glad you'll be there to assuage their fears.      The color of a cloak doesn't necessarily

2016-09-12 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - Can you identify this?:

It could have been a play, it could have been a Pagan ritual or ceremony. The cage probably symbolized something else, like a cave or something, in which case it's probably some kind of rite of passage

2016-09-12 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - Can you identify this behavior?:

These behaviors have some of the qualities of natural spiritualist practices.  They sound a bit immature but to each his own.  Are they bothering someone?  Nothing they are doing is negative or harmful

2016-08-18 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - black cloud following us:

This is very difficult to diagnose when I am not there.  Feeling the energy is so important in these cases.  I do have an exercise I'd like you to try.  Start at dark moon and do it at least three times

2016-08-13 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - Black Wolf Following Me:

Spiritually, wolves are protective.  They guide us through the spiritual realm.  They show us things we need to see.  I would love to have a wolf following me around.  Pay attention to what he wants you


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