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2017-02-04 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - red mist:

It is very hard to say what this was. It may have simply been that your blood pressure dropped because you got up to fast and it messed with your vision. There are lots of physical reasons why something

2017-01-22 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - Stereotypes of the Wicca Religion:

My questions are: What are some common misconception a person of the faith may encounter?    We get misconceptions every day.  From family, from friends and if we are out about or faith, or even wearing

2017-01-20 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - Searching for authentic talismans, pendants and the like:

You are correct in noting that the best charms and talisman are made by you for yourself.  It is really not difficult.    Get any jewelry piece that is attractive to you with the following characteristics

2017-01-20 Pagan/Wiccan Religion - hoodoo love oils:

Most practitioners carefully guard their specific recipes and that is why they aren't answering you, but you can come up with a recipe yourself. I don't know much about Hoodoo, as that's a very specific


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