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Gynecologic Cancers

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2016-10-17 Oncology (General Cancer) - Blood test results:

If you were my patient I'd repeat the blood test about four weeks after this one was obtained.  You would also like to have a differential including platelets, and you would want a technician or a physician

2016-10-10 Oncology (General Cancer) - CT scan findings:

These abnormalities are way too small to make a diagnosis, and indeed, to small to biopsy without putting you at risk.  Why did you have a CT done?  If you were having pulmonary symptoms these could represent

2016-10-09 Oncology (General Cancer) - Low Carb Diet & Cancer:

No not in any way that I am aware of. Sorry!      You can also reach me at:  There is no limit to the number of questions

2016-09-25 Oncology (General Cancer) - VIN3:

I don't think you would have a problem; you are talking about disorders of cell ;proliferation, and Nucala seems to be fairly specifically directed at eosinophils.  In my review of the data, I don't see

2016-09-23 Oncology (General Cancer) - ways to lower estrogen in breast cancer survivor:

There are no "natural" ways of lowering her estrogen level. It can be done by giving her rather high doses of the male sex hormone testosterone. Just like you can chemically castrate a male by giving him


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