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Gynecologic Cancers

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2017-02-22 Oncology (General Cancer) - Luekemia:

Hi. Sorry for late response. Usually I respond in 24 hours but I forgot to respond to the earlier mail. Please send me the latest CT scan(plain or contrast. Preferably contrast CT) report on my mail medlifeasia@gmail

2017-02-11 Oncology (General Cancer) - ColonCancer:

I agree that with your history, your age and your family history you should have a screening colonoscopy every five years.  These recommendations are evolving, however, and some people are saying two negative

2017-01-28 Oncology (General Cancer) - Side Effects and Smoking:

That's a tough question!  There are some chemotherapy programs which might not show much change in the appearance of a person.  With the newer drugs and new drugs to combat side effects, sometimes very

2017-01-26 Oncology (General Cancer) - tumors in neck:

I would call it a tongue cancer. Such cancers often have a very bad prognosis. A good friend of mine in Finland - I have known him most of my life and his parents and my parents were also good friends

2017-01-25 Oncology (General Cancer) - tumors in neck:

I doubt very much that it is benign based on what you have written. If it is, which is probable, a cancer it is likely that radiation & chemotherapy is the best way to proceed in her case. Well the combination


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