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2017-03-26 Excel - VBA:

Chris,    characters like * and ? are wild cards and take special handling to work with so I didn't include them in the list.     You didn't say what to replace each of the characters with so I made two

2017-03-26 Excel - VBA:

Chris,    So I spent the time setting up a test environment to run the code. It ran fine for me.     Looking at your description, the slash you have in your dates is an illegal character.       I could

2017-03-25 Excel - VBA:

Chris,      This code is untested (so no guarantee it doesn't contain errors or that it will do what you want).  See assumptions below.  I would make a copy of all the files in another directory.  I would

2017-03-25 Excel - formula revision:

Chris,      42819 is how excel stores a date -- as the number of days measured from a base date.     to make that display as a date (rather than a date serial number) you need to format it.     ="  "&text(today()

2017-03-25 Excel - error:

You have this on one line, and should be 2.         oTargetBook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Pastespecial xlpastevalues oTargetBook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2")    However, if you really have it in separate


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