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College Admission Process

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2017-03-05 Choosing the Right College - Which college and major should I choose?:

Hello Alysia,    The questions you ask are very common and for good reason; we are led to believe that there are right and wrong answers when in reality they don't exist. Just ask yourself which car is

2017-01-01 College Life - Double Major in Geology and Astronomy?:

My advice to you is research jobs that will use those college majors because you don't want to get out there and you can't get any use out of your degree. Both Astronomy and Geology are science majors

2017-01-01 College Life - Double Majoring in Geology and Astronomy?:

Depends on what college you end up at.  Some schools have more demanding majors than others.  While in college you will be exposed to other majors that you don't know exist now, so you may end up majoring


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