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2017-03-01 Christianity --Youth Issues - Would God embrace a religion?:

Since I believe there is only 1 God, I would think that God would embrace Christianity.    However, many religions believe that they are the one true religion, who are you to believe?    That decision

2017-02-13 Christianity -- Christian Living - Fasting:

Dear Christopher,  No specific day to fast is better than another. The one that is most beneficial is the one that Messiah leads you in! I would encourage you to read Isaiah 58 to gain a better understanding

2017-01-19 Christianity -- Christian Living - Reconciliation:

Amos 3:3   Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?    Unless two have the same mind, and agree on matters, how can they walk together?    Reconcilation is a coming together, being of the same

2016-12-29 Christianity -- Christian Living - marriage:

Mary,    Only if you allow it. Having sex or being around someone that is having problems with demons is not a good idea.  As I mentioned in my other reponse you can be safe from evil and protected as


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