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2017-01-21 Astronomy - cosmology:

Hi Richard,    I'll try and answer your fairly long question as simply and succinctly as I can. And it will be to the best of my knowledge and understanding. That said, in most areas of science, but especially

2017-01-10 Astronomy - Cosmology:

Hello Tom,    You are correct. Observations "seem" to support that galaxies are receding - from us as well as from each other. They could simply be flying off into space from an initial explosion, where

2016-11-16 Astronomy - Supermoon time frames:

Actually, so-called supermoons occur all the time. All they are is full moons that happen when the Moon is near "perigee", the closest point in its orbit to the Earth. It is at that closest point every

2016-11-14 Astronomy - Telescopes:

Most "beginner" telescopes have a simple telescope design, but a not terribly useful or easy-to-use mount; so your unfortunate experience is not that uncommon.    There are some very small telescopes that


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