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2017-02-20 Pediatrics - Vaccination.:

The OPV drops in the pulse polio and the ones given in the clinic should both be "bivalent" polio drops and be equal to each other. However, we do not normally count the pulse polio doses as part of the

2017-02-16 Puberty - Help:

So I will say that consulting a physician or someone that has had more intense training on these sorts of conditions is your best bet to get results. They are well trained and know way more then I do on

2017-02-09 Pediatrics - Usage of cough syroups:

Hi Jyothi,    All medicines need to be stored properly: that is they should not be exposed to high temperature and humidity. If stored well, they can be used till expiry date mentioned on the label. There

2017-02-06 Pediatrics - 1 year 2 month old diagnosed asthmatic:

Dear Senjuti,    Thank you for your question. I will start from the other end of your question and say that there is always the possibility of asthma in any child in today's highly polluted world. Having

2017-01-27 Pediatrics - Question about Immunization:

Hi, Michelle,     In general, we consider the Hep B series of three to be good for life.  There is no recommendation that it be repeated at any time. I had a question from a patient of mine just like this


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