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2017-02-16 Puberty - Help:

So I will say that consulting a physician or someone that has had more intense training on these sorts of conditions is your best bet to get results. They are well trained and know way more then I do on

2017-02-09 Pediatrics - Usage of cough syroups:

Hi Jyothi,    All medicines need to be stored properly: that is they should not be exposed to high temperature and humidity. If stored well, they can be used till expiry date mentioned on the label. There

2017-02-06 Pediatrics - 1 year 2 month old diagnosed asthmatic:

Dear Senjuti,    Thank you for your question. I will start from the other end of your question and say that there is always the possibility of asthma in any child in today's highly polluted world. Having

2017-01-27 Pediatrics - Question about Immunization:

Hi, Michelle,     In general, we consider the Hep B series of three to be good for life.  There is no recommendation that it be repeated at any time. I had a question from a patient of mine just like this

2017-01-25 Pediatrics - STOOL COLOUR:

Hi Suman,    It can be from any fruit of black colour (e.g., black grapes); It can also be due to any iron supplementation. However, it can also mean presence of blood in stools. Hence, you need to get


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