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2016-10-17 Pediatrics - Enquiry for primary complex:

Hi, Katrina,     Sorry for the late reply.  Something got goofed up.  If the test was positive and and the Xray was suggestive, then she needs her medicine. If you mean can she take one tablet, then another

2016-10-14 Pediatrics - sole of foot:

Cyanosis does not cause such localised discolouration. This is probably due to some local irritation. Unless you see more such spots or it increases in size you need not worry. If there is family history

2016-10-10 Pediatrics - Confusion in selection of Vaccine:

Hi Mr. Goyal    Relax!  Both Pentavac and Quinvaxem are safe and effective: You don't stop using aeroplane/ rail/ cars/ scooter when you hear of deaths because of any of these: do you?    Other equivalent

2016-10-02 Pediatrics - Baby sleep problem:

This phase usually lasts from 9-14months and is associated with social insecurity and at times dreams. Its also called night terrors  If he is continuously cranky day and night, please watch for evidence

2016-09-28 Pediatrics - puss cell and mucus in baby stool.:

Are you giving any formula other than breast milk? Stool examination shows some infection. If the baby is feeding well and smiles there is nothing to worry.  Continue the treatment as advised by your pediatrician


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