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2016-12-01 Pediatrics - 4 month old baby with watery stool:

Hi, rich,     Allergy to your milk?  Not likely.  I would never tell a healthy breast fed baby/mom to stop nursing.  I assume everything was fine until a couple weeks ago.    Darolac is a probiotic and

2016-11-26 Pediatrics - not knowing when to poop:

Hi, tammie,     Chronic constipation causes poor muscles in the rectum and loss of sensory fibers that cause him to leak, without sensation, loose stool around the retained hard masses.  I would be happy

2016-11-25 Pediatrics - operation of gland behind nose:

What you are describing is adenoids.  Most kids don't need surgery. A special course of medicine helps in stay in control.  Most surgeons refuse to operate below age five years unless child shows weight

2016-11-24 Pediatrics - Pancreatic cyst?:

Hi Mr. Arif,    It usually does not reduce with time.    However, all such cysts do not cause problems immediately after birth. But remember, some (depending upon size and exact site) can cause problems

2016-11-24 Pediatrics - not knowing when to poop:

Hi, tammie,     He has constipation with encopresis, a common problem and one that some doctors handle very well and others don't have a real good idea how to handle it.  Discuss this with your doctor


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