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2017-03-21 Pediatrics - Vaccination: Measles and MMR:

Hi Manisha,    Here are the answers:    1. She should get 2 doses of MMR vaccine at 15 months of age and then at 5 years of age.    Please note that very soon a campaign by Govt of India would be launched

2017-03-20 Pediatrics - Help:

Hi Samir,    Your doctor is doing a good job!!    My advice would also be same, unless baby looks sick, or not accepting feeds or not passing urine for >8 hours at a stretch....      Best wishes,  Dr.

2017-03-15 Pediatrics - Monticope for 6months baby:

Its better to leave it to a doctor there are many drugs whose safety is not proven in children. But your doctor is allowed to write them and treatment matters.  Doses remain in specific range depending

2017-03-15 Pediatrics - Cold nd nose block of 6 month baby weight 6kg:

Hi Rahul,    For blocked nose, just use saline nasal drops (3-4 drops in each nostril) on SOS basis. If baby appears unwell, please get him examined by his pediatrician.     Avoid self-medication/ experimentation

2017-03-09 Pediatrics - Asking questions:

Hi Jenyrobin,    For cold and cough, no specific medicine should be used in young babies. If baby has fever/ irritability, then paracetamol drops can be given. For nasal block, saline nasal drops could


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