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2016-10-23 Star Trek: The Next Generation - TNG:

Another criticism of Enterprise is the disregard for continuity. Supposedly little is known about the Ferengi in Picard's day. In "The Last Outpost," the Federation meets the Ferengi for what is supposed

2016-10-22 Star Trek: The Next Generation - TNG:

Hello, James.    Feel free to ask whatever you wish about any Star Trek series. I may not be able to answer certain questions, of course.    To be honest, I never got into Enterprise. I never watched it

2016-10-20 Star Trek: The Next Generation - TNG:

Hello, James.     It can't be known for certain, since Q's perfectly capable of keeping a straight face! But seriously, although the inhabitants of Brax apparently called Q a "god of lies," I don't know

2016-09-29 Star Trek: The Original Series - Scotty toolkit?:

I have looked and I have not been able to find any standard toolkit listed for engineers in TOS. I am not saying that there is not one, just that I cannot find it. I know from my own time in the Air Force

2016-09-22 Star Trek: Voyager - The krenim:

Hi Clint,    We don't know for sure since it wasn't addressed on the show but we have to assume that the Q felt that the changes that Annorax was making to the timeline were within the acceptable allowable


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