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2016-09-29 Star Trek: The Original Series - Scotty toolkit?:

I have looked and I have not been able to find any standard toolkit listed for engineers in TOS. I am not saying that there is not one, just that I cannot find it. I know from my own time in the Air Force

2016-09-22 Star Trek: Voyager - The krenim:

Hi Clint,    We don't know for sure since it wasn't addressed on the show but we have to assume that the Q felt that the changes that Annorax was making to the timeline were within the acceptable allowable

2016-09-19 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Was each episode shown twice?:

Hi! Thanks for the question! "Next Generation" will always be my favorite Star Trek series because I basically grew up with it as well.    It is actually a little hard to say. Since TNG was syndicated

2016-08-30 Star Trek: The Original Series - The brig:

I did some researching and I found that the brig employs a high level force field all around the cell, not just the door. A transporter beam is not powerful enough to get past the force field to achieve


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