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2016-09-19 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Was each episode shown twice?:

Hi! Thanks for the question! "Next Generation" will always be my favorite Star Trek series because I basically grew up with it as well.    It is actually a little hard to say. Since TNG was syndicated

2016-08-30 Star Trek: The Original Series - The brig:

I did some researching and I found that the brig employs a high level force field all around the cell, not just the door. A transporter beam is not powerful enough to get past the force field to achieve

2016-07-05 Star Trek: The Next Generation - Do voice recordings work?:

Hello, Erin.    I don't think that this has ever been ruled out. Given the lax security at times on even the flagship of the Federation, it wouldn't surprise me.    Actually, the Enterprise is taken over

2016-07-05 Star Trek: The Original Series - Do voice recordings work?:

In the original series, there was one instance (the episode "Whom Gods Destroy) where a person impersonates Kirk's voice over the communicator. There was at least one episode in The Next Generation where


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